Top Rated Baby Gear Guide

It could be overwhelming to choose baby gears when it is your first time to be parents. So many options are available on the market and some parents just don’t know which one to choose. But don’t worry, we are here to help. No matter what kinds of baby gears you are gonna buy – baby monitors, strollers or baby car seats, you can always find the ultimate guides here. We have compare the best baby gears out there and will save you a lot of time and bucks.

Baby Monitor Guides

Tired of checking in on your baby in the nursery once in a while? A baby monitor is what will free your mind. You will be able to be there to him or her only when you hear the cries, stirs or whimpers. This way you will be able to save more time for yourself, catching some Zs or focusing on the housework, and still keeping an eye on your little one. On other hand, a baby monitor could ensure the safety of your infant to some extent.

You can choose between 3 types of baby monitors

  1. Video baby monitor – the most popular types on the market.
  2. Audio baby monitor – the most affordable type.
  3. Movement baby monitor – the kind that can lower the risk of SIDS

General Guide

Most baby monitors consist of 2 units – a nursery unit in the baby room and a parent unit on your hand. You can place the receiver in one spot or take it wherever you go. So it is really important to choose a portable receiver. Baby monitors often interfere with some other wireless gadgets. But a 2.4GHz/900MHz module with multiple channels will be better. However, the only way to figure it out is to test the interference at home by yourself.

Things to look at

Two way talk. The voice of you could comfort your crying baby. You could use this feature a lot as your baby grows into a toddler.

Battery life. Choose a parent unit that last at least 5 hours on battery.

Out-of-range alarm.  If you walk too far away from the nursery, this feature will alert you so that you will stay connected with your baby closely.

Motion detection. If your baby stays still for about 15 seconds, this feature will let you know. It is a great way deal with the risk of SIDS.

Both and are great places to find out the best baby monitor in each category in the market.


Using a baby monitor doesn’t mean that you can ignore supervision. Common sense of traditional parenting is still important.

If you own an audio baby monitor, don’t be surprise to receive voice from your neighbor. If you want more privacy, go for a digital baby monitor as they have encoded technology.

Baby Stroller Guides

Nowadays, it is really hard to image not to have a baby stroller on the go. As your baby grows bigger and bigger, you will love a stroller more. It is so important to pick a right one as it might be one of your most expensive baby gears. There are more options of style and function these days than before. It could be as complicate as buying a great bicylce nowadays, which is why you need you husband more to help you make a decision.

However, some parents tend to buy 2 baby strollers, one for daily use and other for emergency. You might end up with a stroller of full size and a collapsible, lightweight unit.

The newest strollers, however, want to be everything for all parents, which means that different kinds of strollers start to overlap. But bad thing is that it will make a compromise of normal job by doing that. A collapsible, lightweight stroller might integrate fully reclining seats to be used in the early infant stage, but it will not be lightweight anymore.

Fore more advice, you can head to, they got amazing double stroller reviews there.


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